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Let 1edweb empower your educators by converting paper-based IEP forms into low cost electronic templates.  Your IEP forms are converted into three "hassle-free" formats; mailable fillers (PC only), portable document format files (Mac and PC) and Filler 5.0 (PC only) electronic templates.  Learn more about our services!

Find out how Palm Beach County, Florida School District saves $150,000.00 on printing costs by using templates.  Check it out and call us to learn more!!

We have over 3000 IEP Templates supporting special educators throughout the United States.  If you are a special educator, you can find your templates by selecting "IEP Templates" on the left navigation bar and then locate your District/Special Education Local Planning Area (SELPA).

You have a choice of three different template formats:


IEP templates can be downloaded, via the Internet, to both PC and Mac users. They can be filled in, edited, saved, and printed for your professional needs.   Funding for this web site and the work that goes into creating and maintaining the templates is provided through annual maintenance agreements with SELPAs and School Districts.  Annual maintenance agreements are a low  cost means to quickly and reliably empower your educators.  Your staff can complete their IEP forms electronically on their computer and receive timely e-mail and/or telephone support in troubleshooting any problems they may encounter downloading and using our templates.


Need help on your IEPs?

Writing Goals and Objectives to California Standards (Online Training)

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Upgrade your templates and improve your electronic efficiency and accuracy.

Checkout what we can do to upgrade your templates!! (PC Users)

Checkout what we can do to upgrade your templates!! (Filler 5.0 Users)

Checkout what we can do to upgrade your templates!! (Mac Users)

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